student digital ambassador

Resources for students, by students. 

Online Learning Support

The Student Digital Ambassadors provide peer-to-peer support for students navigating the online environment and the educational technology tools used at CapU.

Ambassadors are available virtually Monday to Saturday, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. 


Digital Platforms


A service which allows Capilano University employees to set up and run online meetings, events and training sessions.


Video platform integrated with eLearn for faculty and students to upload and create video.


An online learning environment of CapU, utilizing the Moodle learning management system both for online courses and to supplement face-to-face courses.

MS Teams

A program that allows participants to chat, video conference, share files, share device screens, and work collaboratively from anywhere. 


Zoom helps Capilano University students and employees bring their teams together. Zoom is for video, voice and content sharing.


Students can select and share content using WordPress website format, in a collection of their best work and self-reflections of their learning journey.

Important Dates

Monday, October 11th

 Thanksgiving Day (University closed)


Thursday, November 11th

 Remembrance Day (University closed)


Capilano University


digital ambassador

  • Peer-to-Peer Support
  • Mixed Mode  Learning Strategies
  • Mentoring for Educational Technology
  • Creating Resources
  • Events/Conversation
  • Communication(Social Media/Newsletters)
Online Learning

We Are Anywhere You Are!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How do I submit my assignment in eLearn?

Make sure your document is on a compatible format. We recommend PDF files, but Word docs also work. Go to the assignment submission page created by the teacher under the course. Click on add submission to select the document from your computer (or drag and drop) and hit submit. Most of the times you can edit your submission a couple of minutes after you first submitted it.

How do I log into Teams?

Launch the application or use the browser version and sign in using your Capilano email address and password

Pages aren’t shown in the main page of my ePortfolio (even when published)

Go to the edit version > Appearances > Menu. Select pages you want to see in the main page and their hierarchy.

How do I create a Kaltura Capture video?

Go to “My Media” on your eLearn: Add New: Kaltura Capture

Then it will take you to this page to download Kaltura for Windows or Mac:

If you already have Kaltura Capture in your device a message to open de app will appear:

Open Kaltura, adjust your settings (camera, screen, audio) and hit the red button to record:

Do I need to download WebEx for my courses?

No. You can just use the link provided by each instructor. It will ask you to sign in using your CapU email address and password.

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