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Meet our Team

Our Awesome Team

Our Student Digital Ambassadors are all current students of Capilano University. They chat with students, faculty and staff, answer questions, and create resources.

Learn more about our ambassadors and what they love most about being a part of  CTE Digital Ambassadors community! These students are here to answer your questions, so if you want to chat, connect with them at MS Teams channel.

Argel Monte de Ramos

Musical Theatre Diploma and Bachelor of Performing Arts

Austin Cove

Psychology Associate’s Degree Diploma


Brenda Cervantes

Creative Writing Associate’s Degree Diploma


Etienne Rutkowski

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Liberal Studies

Badar Khan

Master Degree in International Business

Alviss Luu

Master Degree in International Management

Nandini Sharda

Master Degree in International Business


Ishita Sharda


Bachelor of Business Administration 


Our Awesome Advisors


Laura Mackay

Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence

Barry Magrill

Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching Excellence

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