Become a Zoom Master with These 8 Key Commands

Become a Zoom Master with These 8 Key Commands


These days, we spend as much time in Zoom meeting rooms as in the actual physical rooms of our house. That’s why learning some basic key commands and shortcuts can help you better navigate this new space saving time.

If you go to your Zoom settings and select Keyboard Shortcuts, you can edit and personalize every key command for your future meetings. However, there are many shortcuts set by default. Here are the 8 we find more useful.


Start/ stop your videoCommand()+Shift+VAlt+V
Mute/ unmute your audio


Space bar (Hold while talking)



Raise hand/ lower handOption+YAlt+Y

Switch to active speaker view/ gallery view



(Switch depending on current view)


Alt+F1 (Switch to active speaker view)

Alt+F2 (Switch to gallery view)

Enter or exit full screenCommand()+Shift+FAlt+F
Show/ hide floating meeting controlsCtrl+Option+Command+HCtrl+Alt+Shift+H
Show/hide in-meeting chat panelCommand()+Shift+HAlt+H
Display/hide participants panelCommand()+UAlt+U


And here’s a bonus tip! Use the “push-and-talk” feature to temporarily unmute yourself by pressing and holding the spacebar while you speak… You are welcome.