North Vancouver is full of places to go, and what better way to spend your last week of summer than visiting local places? Here’s a list of a few places near the campus to see before summer is over!


Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge is a popular place to visit and for good reason, it has some of the best sights in the Vancouver area. When you visit there are bridges connecting between trees and across canyons. The walk takes you through trees and across the largest bridge there which is above Capilano River. There is a large amount of history in that forest where you get a glimpse into the wildlife and scope of the forest.

Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash


Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain, where you can see anything from two guys racing up a 50 foot pole, or grizzly bears in their natural habitat. There are great food options and the Beaver-Tails are a must have (they are not real beavers’ tails)they are made of dough and whatever ingredients you want on top. There is a wind turbine that helps power the lights and gondola. There are another few things you can see there, the owl talks, ranger talks and mountain ropes adventure. The owl talks is where a wildlife specialist explains what owls are all about, there are four owls that you can see, Athena (Great Horned Owl), Odin (Barred Owl), Blizzard (Snowy Owl) and Cleo (Barn Owl). Ranger talks are where rangers will explain cool things animals do throughout the day and how to stay safe. The Mountain Ropes Adventure is like a regular zip-line but there are also bridges made out of thin logs, and ladders to climb. Grouse Mountain is packed with things to do all day and has a dining option where you can look out at the city of Vancouver.

Photo by Roshan Raj on Unsplash


Deep Cove

Deep Cove is a beautiful and small area where you can buy ice cream, or doughnuts. There are beautiful views of the mountains overlooking the water, outdoor showers in case you want to swim and an art gallery. Honey’s Doughnuts is world renowned for their doughnuts plus other foods and drinks. Honeys Doughnuts is open from 6AM-5PM every day of the week but are super popular and can be difficult to buy from. Deep Cove Ice Cream has a wide selection of flavours to try on a hot day, they are open 12-10 PM each day. The water averages to be 17 degrees during the summer but on some days you may not be allowed to swim. The local art gallery showcases much local art and hosts events. Deep Cove Kayak is a great way to get out on the water for a day, and affordable.

Photo by Angela Porisky on Unsplash

There are many other places in Deep Cove that are attractions for the summer. Maybe you’ll have to find out.

-Riley .C