With midterm period around the corner, here are some handy tips to keep you sharp and organized for the rest of the semester: 


Reach out to resources in advance

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There are a lot of resources available to you as a CapU student. To name a few:   


Most student services adhere to a particular schedule (For example Monday-Friday 12-6pm for the Student Digital Ambassadors) so don’t wait till an assignment due date to reach out!  


Make out time to watch lecture videos

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Even as some classes go back to in person, some of your classes might still be online. In this case, try to watch the lecture video during your regular class time. That way you don’t postpone the videos and let them all pile up. Having to watch 5+ hours of video content will be very discouraging for anyone. 

Keep track of deadlines


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Add classes and assignments to your calendar. Put up a bunch of sticky notes in front of your desk. Download all the course outlines. Do whatever you need to keep track of due dates for assignments, finals and everything in between. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a class not knowing you have a quiz that day or missing the deadline to submit an assignment. 


The most important thing to keep in mind is all the resources available to you. Your instructors, support services and even friends all want you to succeed so if you’re having difficulty with a class or a particular technology, don’t be afraid to reach out!