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Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I see my classes on eLearn?

Contact your teacher to make sure they have already opened the course and made it visible for students. If you keep having issues, contact IT and let your teacher know you’re still experiencing the issue.

I can’t access my eLearn/ shows error

Contact IT. Sometimes there’s a global issue with the platform, but make sure it’s not a specific problem in your account.

How do I submit my assignment in eLearn?

Make sure your document is on a compatible format. We recommend PDF files, but Word docs also work. Go to the assignment submission page created by the teacher under the course. Click on add submission to select the document from your computer (or drag and drop) and hit submit. Most of the times you can edit your submission a couple of minutes after you first submitted it.

How do I post in a discussion (Q/A type) forum?

First log into your course and open the page where you are required to submit the forum. Then you can simply reply to the post and attach your part by copy pasting it or attaching it as a word file (or the file type as required by the instructor). However, if you are still unable to reply to the post, make sure your instructor has enabled you for that.

How can I access past courses?
Your past course eLearn modules may still be available after completion, to view them go to your dashboard and switch the course view filter to past. Many courses however will be closed after the term is ended. To review these courses you will need to visit your MyCap account and the unofficial transcript.
How can I contact my teacher if I don’t have her/his email address?

Most of the times, the teacher’s information is mentioned in the course outline. If not, you can reach out to your department head and ask for their details. Also, you can find your instructor if you have their name go to the campus directory located at this link and look them up. If you need to confirm their name go to your MyCap Account and view your course schedule this will also include the name(s) of your professor.

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